Simple X/Y Plot

d3plus-plot combines the abstract Viz class found in d3plus-viz with the axes in d3plus-axis to create a standard x/y plot. In addition to a lot of automatic formatting and positioning, the Viz class also provides mouse events and tooltips.

var data = [
  {id: "alpha", x: 4, y:  7},
  {id: "beta",  x: 5, y:  2},
  {id: "gamma", x: 6, y: 13}

Given some data points, we can create a plot very easily:

new d3plus.Plot()

This creates an x/y plot using the default shape (Circle). The shape type can be overwritten using the .shape( ) accessor method, as well as using the many shorthand Classes for specific types of charts, like BarChart and AreaPlot.