Horizontal Box and Whisker Chart

The BoxWhisker class defaults to creating vertical boxes. To change the orientation to horizontal, declare the y-axis as the discrete axis, and set the orient property of the Box nested in .shapeConfig( ) to “horizontal”.

var myData = [
  {id: "alpha", value: 300},
  {id: "alpha", value:  20},
  {id: "alpha", value: 180},
  {id: "alpha", value:  40},
  {id: "alpha", value: 170},
  {id: "alpha", value: 125},
  {id: "alpha", value:  74},
  {id: "alpha", value:  80},
  {id: "beta",  value: 180},
  {id: "beta",  value:  30},
  {id: "beta",  value: 120},
  {id: "beta",  value:  50},
  {id: "beta",  value: 140},
  {id: "beta",  value: 115},
  {id: "beta",  value:  14},
  {id: "beta",  value:  30},

new d3plus.BoxWhisker()
    data: myData,
    discrete: "y",
    groupBy: ["id", "value"],
    x: "value",
    y: "id",
    shapeConfig: {
      Box: {
        orient: "horizontal",