Dave and I recently held a D3plus workshop at the MIT Media Lab for students of César Hidalgo’s Networks, Complexity, and Their Applications class (MAS 581). Our strategy was to structure the class by showing the different types of visualizations that D3plus has to offer, while also showing off some of it’s free magic - tooltips, easy color scales, sophisticated nesting capabilities, etc.. After giving examples of each unqiue “type” of visualization we then moved on to a specific use case - working with the UN COMTRADE’s new public API.

In the process of developing the source material for this workshop we created a repository for the students to follow along. We did our best to annotate and comment the code as much as possible for future users. Hopefully this resource will grow over time and become useful even without the two of us narrating instructions. Below you’ll find links to both the workshop exercises, and solutions (on a separate branch of the same repo).

D3plus COMTRADE workshop exercises

D3plus COMTRADE workshop exercise solutions

This is a great resource for beginners and if you wish to follow along I’d suggest cloning the repo into a directory via git and attempting to solve each of the prompts using the d3plus.org website and documentation before looking at the solutions! And of course while putting this together we found many bugs that have since been squashed but as always post any issues you find here as they could be bugs we’re unaware of. Also, feel free to submit pull requests of other exercies you find useful. Happy Visualizing!