Coordinate Points on a Map

The Geomap class can plot coordinate points, provided the data has latitude and longitude values. FOr example, given a data file with this format:

  {"city": "Ada", "dma_code": 657, "latitude": 34.774531000000003, "longitude": -96.678344899999999, "slug": "ada-ok"},

The url for that data file can be passed to the data method, along with some additional configuration to associate the internal keys in each data point, along with setting a color scale and tooltip text:

new d3plus.Geomap()
    color: ["red", "orange", "yellow", "green", "blue"]
  .label(function(d) {
    return + ", " + d.region;
  .point(function(d) {
    return [d.longitude, d.latitude];