Defining Custom Colors for a Visualization

Let’s take our Getting Started example and color the rectangles by their parent groups.

var data = [
  {color: "cornflowerblue", parent: "Group 1", id: "alpha", value: 29},
  {color: "cornflowerblue", parent: "Group 1", id: "beta", value: 10},
  {color: "cornflowerblue", parent: "Group 1", id: "gamma", value: 2},
  {color: "firebrick", parent: "Group 2", id: "delta", value: 29},
  {color: "firebrick", parent: "Group 2", id: "eta", value: 25}

Given the new "color" variable present in each data point, we can tell the Treemap class to use our specific color for each rectangle’s fill attribute. All of methods that the Rect class makes available are accessible via the .shapeConfig( ) method:

new d3plus.Treemap()
  .groupBy(["parent", "id"])
    fill: function(d) {
      return d.color;