Rendering into a Specific DOM Container

By default, d3plus will render visualizations in a new SVG element appended to the end of page body. This is great for quick tests and examples, but in most cases there will be a specific container on the page that will house the visualization, like so:

<div id="viz"></div>

This is usually accompanied by some CSS that gives the element specific positioning and sizing:

#viz {
  height: 200px;
  width: 500px;

D3plus 1.x used a method called “container” in order to specify where to draw a visualization. In 2.0, this has been switched to .select( ), which is more in line with the base D3 nomenclature of selecting page elements. The .select( ) method accepts anything that the normal d3-selection would.

var data = [
  {id: "alpha", value: 29},
  {id: "beta",  value: 10}

new d3plus.Treemap()