Radial Matrix

The Radial Matrix class creates a radial layout of any rows/columns data matrix. You are required to set the row and column methods, as well as provide a unique index for each square using the groupBy method.

Everything else uses the same color and label methods as in other visualizations, such as the use of colorScale here to create a heatmap.

new d3plus.RadialMatrix()
      colorScale: "Trade Value",
      colorScaleConfig: {
        legendConfig: {
          title: "Trade Value"
        scale: "jenks"
      colorScalePosition: "left",
      column: "Importer Continent",
      data: "https://api.oec.world/tesseract/data.jsonrecords?cube=trade_i_baci_a_17&drilldowns=Year,Exporter+Continent,Importer+Continent&measures=Trade+Value&Year=2018",
      groupBy: ["Exporter Continent", "Importer Continent"],
      row: "Exporter Continent",
      title: "Continent to Continent Product Trade",
      titleConfig: {
        fontSize: 20
      tooltipConfig: {
        tbody: [
          ["Trade Value", function(d) { return Math.round(d["Trade Value"]) }]