Simple Network Graph

Given an array of nodes and an array of links, d3plus-network creates a simple network visualization based on the supplied x and y coordinates.

var nodes = [
  {id: "alpha",   x: 1,   y: 1},
  {id: "beta",    x: 2,   y: 1},
  {id: "gamma",   x: 1,   y: 2},
  {id: "epsilon", x: 3,   y: 2},
  {id: "zeta",    x: 2.5, y: 1.5},
  {id: "theta",   x: 2,   y: 2}

The source and target keys in each link need to map to the nodes in one of three ways:

  1. The index of the node in the nodes array (as in this example).
  2. The actual node Object itself.
  3. A String value matching the id of the node.
var links = [
  {source: 0, target: 1},
  {source: 0, target: 2},
  {source: 3, target: 4},
  {source: 3, target: 5},
  {source: 5, target: 0}

Finally, these 2 variables simply need to be passed to a new Network class:

new d3plus.Network()