Horizontal Bar Chart

The BarChart class defaults to being vertical, so there are a few methods that need to be make the bars drawn horizontal.

var data = [
  {id: "alpha", x: 4, y:  7},
  {id: "alpha", x: 5, y: 25},
  {id: "alpha", x: 6, y: 13},
  {id: "beta",  x: 4, y: 17},
  {id: "beta",  x: 5, y:  8},
  {id: "beta",  x: 6, y: 13}

In addition to switching the x and y accessor to reference the opposite key in or data, we also need to define the y-axis as the discrete axis, meaning that the values on that axis should never be aggregated and treated as individual buckets.

new d3plus.BarChart()