Adding Vertex Markers to Line Plots

It is often helpful to draw small circles on each vertex of the Lines in an x/y plot. To enable this feature, simply pass true to the lineMarkers method. Additionally, custom Shape configuration options for the Circles can be provided to the lineMarkerConfig method. In this example, we are increasing the default Circle radius to 6 pixels.

new d3plus.LinePlot()
    data: [
      {id: "alpha", x: 4, y:  9},
      {id: "alpha", x: 5, y: 17},
      {id: "alpha", x: 6, y: 13},
      {id: "beta",  x: 4, y: 17},
      {id: "beta",  x: 5, y:  8},
      {id: "beta",  x: 6, y: 16},
      {id: "gamma",  x: 4, y: 14},
      {id: "gamma",  x: 5, y:  9},
      {id: "gamma",  x: 6, y: 11}
    groupBy: "id",
    lineMarkers: true,
    lineMarkerConfig: {
      r: 6
    x: "x",
    y: "y"